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Investing Vs. Buying Social Goods

Sean Stannard-Stockton: “The capital markets are a system for delivering financial resources to organizations. They include venture capital that provides money to start up organizations, to public stock markets that provide capital to the largest companies in the world. I’m very explicitly NOT arguing that the philanthropic sector mimic every aspect of financial markets. But I am arguing that the goal of philanthropy should be that of a social capital market. A system for providing capital to nonprofit organizations. . . . not all philanthropy needs to be an investment. There is plenty of room and need for donors who want to “buy” social good (program execution from nonprofits).”


Full article has good list of social investment philanthropy orgs.


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Citizen Philanthropy And Social Networks

Alex Sharp in Suite101: “One of the most socially beneficial uses of social networking is allowing people to have the opportunity to find needs and fill them. Instead of charities and causes needing to cast a wide mailing-net and hoping to catch a few interested people, non-profits are setting up and participating in social networking websites to allow interested givers to find ways to help the causes near to them. Although a web-presence is not the best way to start a philanthropic endeavor, it is the best way to build upon something that is already in place.”

Full article has examples.

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Daschle Ties To Foundation Source Of Controversy

NYT: “In his financial disclosure report, Mr. Daschle said he received compensation of more than $5,000 for providing “policy advice” to EduCap. The exact amount was not disclosed. In reports to the Internal Revenue Service, EduCap says it does business as the Catherine B. Reynolds Foundation. The foundation is the principal underwriter of annual meetings held by the American Academy of Achievement, which has honored Mr. Daschle on several occasions.”

WaPo via The Corner: “Richard Lee Colvin, a loan industry expert at Columbia University’s Teachers College, said Reynolds “has acted in the nonprofit space very much as a for-profit company.” Reynolds said U.S. law allows her to run EduCap as a nonprofit, adding that critics should “take it up with Congress.” Much of the critics’ scrutiny of EduCap centers on its spending. The company paid for Reynolds, her husband, their now-teenage daughter and several friends to go to luxury resorts in the Bahamas last year and in Barbados in 2004, according to internal company records.”

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Celebrities Pushing Philanthropy In China

Jet Li and Donatella Versace in Sichuan Province:

“The Chinese action star and Italian fashion icon were . . . in a remote mountain village in December to dedicate a psychological care and trauma center for children who survived the devastating May earthquake in China’s Sichuan province. . . . Celebrities jetting off to Africa to help malnourished children or to the Amazon to save rain forests is no longer headline news. But Li is the first to attempt something on this scale in China — a place where the laws on philanthropy are still being written and where the ruling Communist Party treats charities with the same suspicion it has for any other organization it doesn’t directly control.”

Full article at the Washington Post.

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UNC Prof: How Nonprofits Can Cope With Economy (3/3)

  1. Consider multiple scenarios or possible futures
  2. Pay attention to the ‘environment’
  3. Establish open communication 
  4. Resist the temptation to do ‘across the board cuts’
  5. Seek out cooperative partnerships
  6. Invest in productive activities

Full article here.

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UNC Prof On How Foundations Can Cope With Economy (Part 2 of 3)

“As a nation, our nonprofit sector entered, the economic crisis of 2008 with a resource divide between ‘elite nonprofit organizations’ and community based nonprofit nonprofits. . . . Historically, nonprofits that provide social services, particularly community based nonprofits not affiliated with a national organization, have lagged behind the elite nonprofits. . . . [But] in the years leading up to 2008 . . . giving to social service agencies was flat or declining, while donations to ‘elite’ nonprofits increased dramatically.”

Full article here.

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Richardson’s Charity Donors Subpoenaed

Article here.

Attorneys for Frank Foy, former investment officer for the New Mexico’s Educational Retirement Board, subpoenaed Gov. Bill Richardson’s Moving America Forward Foundation. In a whistle-blower lawsuit made public Jan. 14, Foy says the state lost $90m due to worthless investments pushed byVanderbilt Financial. Vanderbilt execs had contributed to Richardson’s presidential campaign. The subpoena seeks to find out whether they also donated to the charity.


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Gulf Coast Community Foundation Announces Grants

From the Mississippi Press.

The Gulf Coast Community Foundation recently approved grants totaling more than $17,000, made possible by the Anthony Dartez Fund (dedicated to providing servicesfor training and educational needs of the physically and mentally challenged).


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