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Fdn Ctr Pres: Too Few Nonprofits?

Bradford Smith (President of Foundation Center) in PhilanTopic:

Today . . . we find ourselves mired in a deepening economic crisis that, among other things, has caused the collapse of many of yesterday’s most spectacularly successful firms. Unemployment is rising and predicted by many to reach 10 percent or more. People in growing numbers are in need of jobs and the services nonprofits provide. Indeed, a recent article in the Wall Street Journal suggested that financial sector professionals who had been laid off should consider taking a course at the Foundation Center!

No one would argue that nonprofits shouldn’t strive to be more effective and efficient. But in my view, the most constructive time to have that conversation is when resources, opportunities, and employment in other sectors are abundant — not in the midst of a worsening recession. . . . I asked a friend the other night if he thought America had too many nonprofits. Without hesitating, he shot back, “Are you kidding, we don’t have enough.”

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