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Maine Women’s Fund: 25 Random Things About Philanthropy

From the Maine Women’s Fund:

There are a number of things that I can dork out to. Philanthropy is high on that list… Right up there next to the US Constitution, network theory, and Facebook. . . . So, in the spirit of Facebook chain letters, here is a list of 25 Random Things that inspire me about philanthropy. What inspires you?

. . .

12. I believe that the tenets of Web 2.0 can make philanthropy better. As evidenced by a lot of things… but my personal favorites include our 2007/2008 grant making processBeth Canter’s experiments, and the really innovative partnership between the Case Foundation, GlobalGiving, Parade Magazine, and Network for Good.. . . 

14. The Tools of Web 2.0 are also making philanthropy better. Have you checked out the Maine Women’s Fund group on Facebook or the Maine Women’s Fund channel on You Tube?

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