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How: 40 Days to $1.2M Using Internet Video

From Chris Condayan at Chocolate City Media:

Back in June of 2008, the Kristin Brooks Hope Center was desperately in need of money. They had 40 days to pay a $46,000 termination fee with their phone carrier that supported their 1-800-SUICIDE number, the nation’s most popular suicide prevention hot line. Without this money the line would go dark, leaving thousands without access to help and hope.

After several phone conversations with KBHC, we decided we would produce a video that would raise awareness of this dire situation, explain why KBHC was in debt to the phone carrier, and highlight the public need for the hot line.

. . .

After 40 days, and all was said and done, we raised $1.2 million in cash and pledged commitments, recruited more than 400 hot line volunteers, and reinvigorated the spirit of KBHC. Woot!

Full article here.

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