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COF Report: Fdn Asset Values Declined 28% Last Year

From the Council On Foundations:

Survey results just released by the Council on Foundations at the Family Philanthropy Conference in Indianapolis showed that family, independent, and public foundations experienced a 28 percent decline in their asset values over the course of 2008. . . .

  • While nearly half of assets were held in equities at the end of 2008, more than two-fifths of respondents noted that the share of assets held in equities had dropped. Also, more than a third noted an increase in the proportion of assets held in fixed-income securities and cash. . . .
  • While the use of investment managers is nearly universal, nearly half had already changed managers or were considering making a change – in fact more than half of larger foundations ($100 million or more in assets) had already made a change. . . .

More here and full report here.


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