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Car Donations To Charity Down

From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

At the National Kidney Foundation, gross revenue from car donations totaled $12.8 million in 2008, down 34% from $19.5 million in 2004.

Before the stock market melted down, before the government starting writing multibillion-dollar bailout checks, the folks at Rawhide Inc. knew something was going wrong with the economy.

Donations of cars to the New London charity were sinking. After falling off sharply in 2005, when tax laws limited the tax deduction a donor could take, vehicle donations continued slipping again last year.

“We noticed the economy was on a downward trend before everybody else did,” said Tim Costello, executive director of the nonprofit, which runs a ranch for troubled teens.

. . . .

Charity Cars, a Florida-based nonprofit that refurbishes donated cars and provides them directly to disadvantaged people, handled about $8 million worth of vehicles in fiscal year 2006-’07.

“This year, we will be lucky to do half that amount,” said Brian Menzies, Charity Cars chief executive officer. “When people aren’t buying new cars, they aren’t donating their old ones.”

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