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Cohen: Scan Of Nonprofit Recommendations To Obama

From The Cohen Report:

During Barack Obama’s presidential campaign, his staff generated a series of specific proposals (contained in Helping All Americans Serve Their Country, aimed at building, supporting, mobilizing the nonprofit sector as an instrument of change and progress consistent with his overall policy platform.  This memorandum describes what nonprofit sector organizations have done to generate specific policy recommendations addressing, building on, or challenging the Obama/Biden platform (also contained in part in Blueprint for Change). Although some events are moving quickly with the new administration, it has been focused by necessity on generating an economic stimulus initiative.  The Obama Administration is less than a month old, its most significant nonprofit-specific appointments not yet formally announced, and the policy recommendations floated by nonprofit leadership organizations still have currency.  At this point, the question is not what has the Obama Administration done, much less set in stone, regarding nonprofit policy in its first month in office, but what messages and priorities are being conveyed by the nonprofit sector for the Obama appointees’ consumption and action.

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