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Strategist: Most E-Newsletters Immediately Deleted

From Trista Harris at New Voices Of Philanthropy:

Obama’s digital strategist (I love his title) has recently said in an interview that nonprofit e-newsletters are a waste of time. I know you are probably thinking, “they can’t be a waste of time, I just spent six hours writing our e-newsletter and it is a great way to connect with our donors.” As a personal donor and as an foundation representative, I can honestly say that most e-newsletter immediately get deleted. I don’t have time to read the 7-10 that are in my in-box everytime I open it and I don’t feel like they make me feel closer to the organization because I read their 3 short articles about their mission. . . .

[S]tep away from the constant contact website and think about how you can authentically connect with your supporters.

Full article here and source article here.


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