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Micronews on philanthropy.

Firm: Pursue For-Profit Philanthropy

From TriplePundit:

Q: Why do you think it’s important for companies to adopt philanthropy as part of their revenue model?

A: It’s short-sighted to only work with profit-focused organizations, and to only be focused on your own profit. For-profit businesses, especially publicly traded businesses, have a single focus: the bottom line. In fact, that is a fiscal responsibility inherent in public corporations. . . .

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Teens To Direct Best Buy Philanthropy

From Best Buy:

Best Buy Co., . . . today unveiled the @15 Change Exchange, which gives teens the chance to direct $1 million to nonprofits in 2009 by earning points for participating at . . . By participating in activities on [the site], . . . teens can earn Change Exchange points. Each quarter, teens’ points will be converted into real donation dollars up to $250,000, and participants will be invited to donate their dollars to one of four nonprofit partner organizations focused on social change. For the first quarter, the featured nonprofits will be Communities in Schools, Genesys Works, Mercy Corps and Project Girl.

Full release here.

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