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Training Available For New IRS Form 990

From the Philanthropy Journal:

For the first time in 25 years, the IRS has completely revised its 990 tax form all nonprofit organizations must now file regardless of size.
Disclosures the new form requires will provide the public with increased and readily accessible knowledge about a nonprofit’s finances, management, and governance. . . .

This Philanthropy Journal webinar, presented by lawyer Marty Martin, JD, MPA, provides an introduction and overview to the key management, governance, and reporting issues required to complete the new form.

February 17th, 2009 1:00 PM through 2:00 PM [eastern]

Full information and registration here.


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Stimulus Holds Little For Philanthropy

From the Chronicle of Philanthropy:

The economic-stimulus package passed by the Senate today does not include a number of measures that nonprofit and foundation leaders had proposed to help ease the impact of the recession on the philanthropic world.

As these provisions were also left out of the House bill, the chances that they will be included in the final stimulus package are slim.

They include . . .

Full article here.

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NonProf Head: Don’t Be Greedy

From Robert Eggers (pres., D.C. Central Kitchen) One Voice For Change:

I was just talking with a colleague who was suggesting that we should pony up to the federal trough for funds linked to the bailout. I suggested that our work . . . could be realistically portrayed as economic stimulators, as they recycle, train, do social enterprise, etc, etc..

Anyway…during this back and forth, I said that even though I was proud of our product, I was uncomfortable asking for any dough right now. She said the opposite—she was going to grab for whatever she could get.

Folks—this kind of thing, which is the DC game in spades, will KILL US. All over this town, nonprofits are lining up, trying to bum rush the White House or the Hill to get their cause, committee or chair to the front of the line. More are working to get their bucket under the spigot.

I warn you all—the public trust in nonprofits is already at an all time low. Pundits know that the public is primed to hate on somebody, and they’ve got a financial stake in finding the next greedy bastard to hoist on their own petard (look it up). Similarly, ever pol in this city is now on double secret alert. They’ll want to prove that they “get it” to the folks back home. The next idiot who steps in it will be fried–fast and furious–and the way some nonprofits in this city are behaving right now is (inadvertantly) setting the stage for us to be the next [victims].

Full post here.

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MN Fdn Leader: Philanthropy Can’t Fill Gaps Left By Govt Shortfalls

From Bill King, Minnesota Council on Foundations President:

In philanthropy we are used to having government or others point to philanthropic resources as the source of funds to “fill the gap” in shortfalls, especially those we experience from state or federal government. Just last week it was reported that Senator Grassley from Iowa told charities that they should seek support from foundations and other donors before asking for financial aid from government. . . .

When we compare total contributions from foundations and corporate giving programs to the anticipated state budget shortfall of $5.2 billion (and possibly more) it is clear, by using pretty simple math, that philanthropy can not cover government budget shortfalls. Even if foundations and corporations discontinued 100% of their grantmaking and redirected those funds to cover government responsibilities, we would still be over $4 billion short.

Full article here.

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[Corrected. Thanks for those who caught our error.]

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