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Guide For Malaria Philanthropists Available

New from the Center for High Impact Philanthropy at University of Pennsylvania:

Lifting the Burden of Malaria: An Investment Guide for Impact-Driven Philanthropy

Every 30 seconds a young child dies of malaria. Each of those deaths, however, is avoidable. With an arsenal of cost-effective tools, a consensus strategy, and global partners from all sectors, philanthropists now have an opportunity to help save millions of lives and break the cycle of sickness and poverty from malaria. Your challenge is to figure out how you can best leverage the current momentum against this devastating disease.

Lifting the Burden of Malaria: An Investment Guide for Impact-Driven Philanthropy was written for philanthropists who are interested in going beyond charity by searching for opportunities to maximize the impact of their philanthropic dollars. Our multidisciplinary team synthesized data on effective malaria control strategies, considered funding trends and nonprofit performance data, and interviewed malaria specialists and public health practitioners to help you get to smarter decisions faster. In the guide, the Center provides recommended strategies to address critical unmet needs, in-depth case examples linking cost and impact, and practical advice on evaluating potential investments and assessing post-donation impact.

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