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The Case Against Using Social Media To Raise Funds (via @HildyGottlieb)

Two items from Hildy Gottlieb’s Community Driven Institute:

These days we are inundated with the lure of fundraising on Twitter and Facebook and sites like A birthday ask on Facebook that raises $5,000. A Twitter campaign that asks for just $10 apiece, suddenly raising $10,000 to help an individual family or a “boy without arms.” Sites like that ask you to lend as little as $25 to a specific small business as a microloan.

I am not suggesting these are not worthy causes. I am, however, suggesting that this is

a) not sustainable . . . ,
b) scarcity-based vs. strength-based . . . , and
c) counterproductive if we want to create a better future for our communities. . . .

More on these points:

Via @HildyGottlieb.

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List (via @Philanthropy) of Nonprofit-Oriented Twitter Names

The Chronicle of Philanthropy located this list at TwitterPacks:

Non-Profit Pack — Non-profits, social change groups, activists, campaigns, consultants and related.

Via @Philanthropy.

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